“Black Tie” aims to create brand loyalty among premium customer with strengthened CRM strategy and global business alliances

The Black Tie Service, operator of lifestyle service and provider of complete luxury experiences, sets the new business trend to impress and cater to the growth of corporate super premium clientele with CRM strategies with leading and international organizations. After the success with financial firms and luxury car companies, Black Tie Service is venturing on with its international partners to launch Mobile Concierge Service to attract broader clients in the global market.

In the business world where competition is endless, competing companies have to come up with various strategies to distinguish themselves from others. One of which is CRM – customer relationship management – that creates competitive edge by instilling brand loyalty and strengthening relationship with the companies to maintain existing customers and attract new customers with more value. CRM proved to be one effective tool, especially with premium or ultra premium customers. However, successful CRM requires attention to details and exceptional expertise, and this is when professional luxury lifestyle service is needed to complete this strategy.

Ms.Kanokporn Na Ranong, Founder and CEO of The Black Tie Service Co.,Ltd., reveals that, most organizations today implement CRM to build relationship with their clients, who are categorized in different tiers – private banking clients for banks or platinum customers for insurance companies, for examples. To cater to the specific needs of this customer segments and achieve their highest satisfaction requires a team with extensive experience and thorough understanding of the segment’s lifestyle.

The Black Tie Service offers their service as representatives of the companies to build and maintain lasting relationship with their premium customers with unique and complete luxury lifestyle service that include exclusive privileges and experiences like no other. “These customers are in A++ level. They have high purchase power and their own inventory of personal connections, so giving discounts and simple return benefits are not what we’re offering. Instead, we aim to offer best privilege and most exclusive deals that are accessible but invaluable, under the concept, “money can’t buy”. With this super exclusive approach, The Black Tie Service is sure to create the best impression for your companies, and hence generate lasting relationship between the organizations and their customers.

“Your organizations might be able to create exclusive experiences and give away privileged services to your top-tier customers, but through The Black Tie Service, you can totally rely on us to create professional, more detail-oriented and diverse experiences for your special customers. The Black Tie has exceptional expertise, extensive inventory and know-how regarding exclusive services and creative privileges and entertainment to offer. Currently, there are only a handful of companies that offer similar services so you can rest assure that the service we provide is unique and exclusive.” Kanokporn professes The Black Tie’s unique points and strength in the new business trend.

Presently The Black Tie Service has been trusted by many of Thailand’s leading organizations that include private banking service provider, top class car sellers, airlines, TV channels and international firms from the US, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and China as well as stars and celebrities.

With the business’s global value of 271 million USD and growth rate at 2.6 percent a year, The Black Tie is determined to continually look for the best benefits for its clients. Exclusive service will soon be taken to another level with Mobile Concierge Service under the name BT CONCIERGE. Catering convenience and speed, the mobile application is specially created to cater to executives and the firm to reach its customers quicker and more convenient.

Slated to officially launch in May, The Black Tie Service aspires to become one of the best three concierge services in Thailand. In the meantime the firm plans to extend 10-15 percent more business towards private banking clients, followed by reward cards and expatriate investors in Thailand. Besides Bangkok, The Black Tie Service is looking to expand its business to major cities such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Had Yai, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

“We have been preparing for bigger business for a while, and our service has been ready. One prominent feature is that we have secured a concession to oversee limousine service for several banking businesses, and we have started to expand to other major cities.”

Earlier in June The Black Tie Service has signed an MOU with Consortio Service from Singapore that also offers high-end lifestyle service. The firm has networks throughout ASEAN with staff members representing in every language. The collaboration will ensure The Black Tie Service’s presence in regional and global market.

“Now we’re a regional lifestyle service. We’re small but effective, because we constantly improve ourselves in every aspect to become the number one in this region. The collaboration with our ally from Singapore will secure our presence in the global market and equip us with innovation and technology that we could use in our own business in the future. Also, Singapore is an investment hub with many international leading companies’ headquarters.”

The Black Tie Service offers outstanding lifestyle service that is unique, complete and sophisticated by experienced team with more than 10 years in event management business. The company is capable of creating various possibilities of exclusive services and custom-made privileges to cater to specific need to achieve highest level of satisfaction and style.

“This kind of service is based entirely on expectation. The challenge here is keep the promises we gave with our clients and make to deliver what we envision – absolutely no over claim.” Kanokporn refers to the firm’s ethic.

The Black Tie Service’s inventory of alliances from many different parts of the world allow the firm to create endless services and exclusivity that span from lifestyle events, luxury trips, exclusive events, butler service as well as concierge services such as limousine, vintage cars, private yacht, chartered plane and private helicopter. The services expand to accessibility to more than 1,000 world class events that include Oscar, film festivals all over the world, fashion weeks, concerts, VIP access to football and tennis matches and so forth. CRM consultancy and complete marketing solution services are also on offer.

“Concierge Service is mostly about luxury service. Anyhow, luxury does not mean products or good with high prices but rather personalized services and attention to details. And some of these exclusive services may not come at high prices at all.”

So far The Black Tie Service has orchestrated several success stories for many organizations that wished to treat their special customers with exclusive experiences. One example is the customized activity package for luxury car buyers that include a selection of activities such as adventure balloon ride, Michelin-star Chef home cooking session and an exclusive golf package at their favorite gold course. The Black Tie Service believes that luxury does not always come in expensive prices but it is more of a special, detailed and exclusive care that has become the selling point of The Black Tie Service.

“Maintaining a relationship with the customers is our first priority, and the service by The Black Tie Service aims to enhance CRM policy of your organizations. With our diverse service selections, from an exclusive trip, a unique event, limousine service and special privileges, we are confident that we will become the leader in corprate conciegre service and corporate CRM strategy in Thailand.” The CEO adds.

Earlier in June The Black Tie Service has signed an MOU with Consortio Services from Singapore that also offers high-end lifestyle service. The firm has networks throughout ASEAN with staff members representing in every language. The collaboration will ensure The Black Tie Service’s presence in regional and global market.

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