We understand the productive role that travel can play in developing relationships, inspiring and retaining loyal customers. Our unique premium client engagement platform goes above and beyond what is normally available within local travel agencies. From large scale adventures to exclusive private experiences, we use our diverse backgrounds and connections to form a different standard of creativity.

Instead of offering a simple travel experience, we include PR and engagement activities to increase profit, service, staff morale, retention and performance.

We develop bespoke solutions that match your requirements. Some example of our unique signature corporate travel incentives:

  • Unique corporate dinner at an exclusive wine cellar and old World War 2 bunker in Hong Kong.
  • Architectural inspiration tour of Amsterdam
  • Penfold exclusive wine tour in Australia
  • Balloon ride over Bagan, Myanmar
  • Macaroon making class in Paris
  • Private Gala dinner at Paris Old Museum
  • 5 Temple Buddhist Discovery tour – Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka
  • Formula 3 driving experience in Zhuhai, China