Dream Passion Villa Mahabhirom

Product Description

Three days  Two nights package stay in the luxury Villa Mahabhirom. Exclusive day journey include one hour private elephant ride, experience the joy of showering and feeding elephants, followed by a visit to the oldest tea plantation and experience roasting the tea leaves and tea tasting with local snacks.

End your memorable trip at Bad Boy Valley where the place is only opened to exclusive guests.

Located in Mae Tang district, Bad Boy Valley is the remarkable result of love and passion. The owners, who fell in love with the art and craftsmanship, share the very determined resolution about giving back to the society, with a plan to create a magnificent set of private art and craft pieces in order to create a superb livable museum.

Dine amongst rare art collection while the owners prepare and serve only one table per meal per time with an amazing display of fusion Thai and western food.

For more information, please contact our concierge service via 061 402 8855 or email: concierge@theblacktie-service.com


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