Our experience is what sets us apart. Our mission is to support our corporate
clients in delivering the best customer experience and satisfaction.
The Black Tie Service offers a wide-range of services that fulfill our clients’
needs so they can focus on their core business functions.


Asia’s leading one stop corporate privilege solutions, the Black Tie provides personalised customer relationship management and privilege solutions to your customers. We offer proven strategies to a variety of corporate clients from mid-size and large-size businesses. With our latest technology, all of our solutions have been designed to meet client’s business objectives, provide measurable ROI and exceed customer expectations.


1. Gathering Requirements

This is the first step in getting to understand your business, objectives and expectations.


2. Customizing The Package Offering

We will customize the package offer with defined project timeline, objectives and deliverables.


3. Final Proposal

Align expectations and customer satisfaction goals in order to meet company’s objectives.


4. Client Approval

Final review of deliverables before project agreement and execution.


5. SOP/ SLP Set Up

Standard Operational Procedures and Service Level Agreement will be drafted based on final agreement.

This step usually requires 2 weeks.


6. Staff Training

To align with business objectives and customer satisfaction goals, The Black Tie Service will be focusing on our staff

training in delivering the best service. We strive to ensure the best quality of service standards in all client engagements.


7. Trial Service

We seek to further fine tune our process and privileges via feedback and actual execution.


8. Launch

Official launch of campaign/project.


9. Monthly Report

Our comprehensive report ensures that clients are always kept up to date with the latest performance and statistics

of the project, and serves to help optimize the customer experience along the way.



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